Corporate responsibility

Odpowiedzialność społeczna



  • employees – We care about work safety, offer professional development, and carry out a transparent HR policy.
  • consumers, whose trust has the greatest value to us – We ensure quality and safety of our products, which we create with passion.
  • the competition – We adhere to principles of fair and equal competition among suppliers and are committed to supporting Polish producers.
  • the environment – Out of concern for the environment, we reduce our water consumption and participate in the “Rekarton” program, which is a voluntary ecological corporate initiative.
  • communities – Our company is involved in charity, supports many foundations and orphanages, and discovers and promotes young talents.



Our employees are very important to us, which is why:

  • we keep them motivated and offer them job stability and development opportunities through training and in-company promotions,
  • we care about work safety,
  • we carry out a transparent HR policy – our company evaluation system is based on a competence model,
  • recruitment is carried out following procedures accepted in our company



What Hortex cares most about is consumer satisfaction and trust.

This is why we make our delicious products with passion from the best fruit and vegetables. There can be no compromises when it comes to our product quality. All our products are natural and we do not use any preservatives, as our technology enables us to make products whose expiry date does not need to be extended by adding chemical substances:

  • juices, nectars, and other beverages – They are thermally pasteurized or sterilized and then poured in aseptic conditions into cartons or bottles, which keep away air and microorganisms.
  • frozen fruit — Fruit is washed and deep frozen in a temperature below -25°C (shock freezing), which allows it to retain flavor similar to that of fresh fruit. It is then stored in a temperature below -22°C.
  • frozen vegetables – Vegetables are washed, blanched, and deep frozen in a temperature below -25°C (shock freezing), which allows them to retain flavor similar to that of fresh vegetables. They are then stored in a temperature below -22°C.

Our products are subject to strict quality control throughout the production process. This control begins on the fields where the fruit and vegetables we order are grown and it ends with careful quality control of the end product.

We use the latest technologies to ensure strict control and safety of our products.

Our plants have introduced comprehensive quality management systems. We communicate with our consumers in a fair and transparent way.





Hortex eagerly shares its know-how and experience with domestic suppliers:

  • we organize training on crop production and protection in cooperation with the Horticultural Institute in Skierniewice
  • instructors from our departments of raw materials provide suppliers with ongoing help in solving crop-related problems
  • we are launching an early warning system to forewarn against pest-related threats

Hortex cooperates not only with other production companies and groups, but also with a few hundred individual farmers.



• We adhere to principles of fair and equal market competition.
• We popularize and respect the binding law.
Zaangażowanie społeczne



As a company, Hortex supports numerous public benefit organizations and engage in campaigns to aid local communities:
• our products are delivered to those in need by the agency of various associations, community centers, foundations, and other public benefit organizations; we cooperate with, for instance, Food Banks (Banki Żywności) and Caritas; in 2010 we donated several dozen tons of food to charity
• we support local initiatives and public benefit organizations in the areas where our plants are located; we sponsor, for instance, the “Oskar” sports club in Przysucha
• in 2010 our staff prepared Christmas gifts for children assisted by the „Help in Time” Foundation to Aid Children (Fundacja Dzieciom Zdążyć z Pomocą”) and aided inhabitants of flooded regions by collecting necessities and money
• we actively assist artists and cultural events (mainly indie music) and we also discover and support young talents within the framework of our latest campaign “Taste the Passion”!
Dbałość o środowisko



 Hortex actively tries to protect the environment by:
• modernizing our plants, thus, for instance, reducing consumption of water necessary for rinsing and preparing raw materials
• participating in the “Rekarton” program, a voluntary ecological initiative aimed at creating a system to collect and recycle milk and juice cartons
• organizing separate collection of used toners, ink cartridges, and batteries.