Mother Nature, Hortex and Oak

Mother Nature and  Hortex – do you know how it started? Today the story will be told by another eyewitness of this great event! Well, and as often happens in real life: through the stomach to the heart … Fortunately Hortex had in store even THIRTEEN delicious soups.


Mother Nature, Hortex, and Hares

Everybody knows Mother Nature and everybody knows Hortex… But only animals know more about how it started! Today you’ll hear the “Story about Love That Happens Once in a Thousand Years” from eye witnesses 🙂

Hey you, time for refreshment!

The biggest sensation of the last months and number 1 on all hit parades!
So far we knew that she had a fridge and couldn’t decide whether she preferred juice with or without pulp. We knew that she was pretty and knew how to cook and how to seduce the Head of the Passion Department.
Today we discover another side of Mother Nature!

Mother Nature & the Deers is our proposition for this summer. This hit will accompany you when you travel by train, rest on the lake or at the seaside, or actively spend time outdoors.

Mother Nature loves Hortex orange juices!

Check out why Mother Nature loves Hortex orange juices! What’s so special about them? Is it the orange variety we use? Or is it the mix of flavors? Watch our new commercial to find out.

Mother Nature and polish apples!

Mother Nature knows best who’s an expert on Polish apples! Or more precisely, on apple juice made from the BEST POLISH APPLES. Find out and have a taste!… Also in new light bottles!

Mother Nature and Hortex’s frozen foods!

Even Mother Nature adores Hortex frozen foods. And now try our 13 delicious soups!

Does Mother Nature have Polish roots?

The Nature journal will vote her the most influential person of 2013. All Golden Globes will end up in her coppice! The whole country will go crazy about her, quickly followed by the rest of the world! Here is Mother Nature in our newest commercial! Remember this moment!

How do we make our frozen foods?

In our films we talk about our passion for creating new flavors and sharing them with our customers. This time our employees will tell you how Hortex makes its frozen foods. They will also reveal where the best fruit and vegetables come from, unfold the secrets of freezing, and say how the taste of passion is created.