Colorful vegetable lasagna

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65 minutes

Prepare roux from butter and flour, afterwards mix it with hot milk to receive béchamel sauce. Season it with nutmeg, lemon juice, pepper and salt. In pan with a wide bottom fry in rapeseed oil the Letcho mix with the tomatoes from the tins, basil and oregano. Add salt and freshly ground pepper. Into the baking dish pour a small amount of béchamel sauce, place slice of pasta and pour it with the vegetable sauce. Then add some béchamel sauce, pasta slice, mozzarella slices, vegetable sauce and grated cheese. This way prepared vegetable lasagna put into the up to 200°C preheated oven for circa 30 minutes.

Lista zakupów

1 package of lasagna pasta

4 balls of mozzarella in brine

150 g ripening cheese amber type

Creamy béchamel sauce:

2 l milk

200 g flour

200 g butter


lemon juice

salt, freshly ground pepper

white pepper

Vegetable sauce:

Letcho Hortex – 2 packages

2 tins of tomatoes

rapeseed oil for frying

fresh basil


salt, freshly ground pepper

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