Baked cod served with peas puree

Baked cod served with peas puree

Shopping list:

Dill weed

500 g cod fillets

500 ml milk

100 g vegetable sprouts

100 g pumpkin seeds

50 g butter

1 fennel

1 garlic clove

bay leaf

fresh thyme

coriander seeds

English pepper

salt, pepper


Green peas Hortex – 1 package

200 g Mascarpone cheese

50 g butter

1 lemon

1 onion

2 tablespoons of horseradish

Main dich
60 minutes
In the
main role:


Heat up milk with spices to ca. 70°C, chill and soak in it the cod fillets, put aside for ca. 20 minutes. Afterwards take the fish out and place on the oven-pan, bake in 170°C for circa 10-12 minutes with butter. Defrost the peas. Onions fry in butter, add the defrosted peas and some water. Simmer for a short time, then blend with horseradish and mascarpone. Sprinkle lemon to taste. Baked cod fillets serve on the peas puree and place on top sprouts, pumpkin seeds and fresh thyme.

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