To whom it may concern,

We hereby inform that entities operating under the name:

  1. HORGERATE HORTEX S.A., Mszczonowska 2, 02-337 Warszawa, Whatsapp: +48508699720, VAT: PL5671407582, e-mail: export.hortex@gmail.com, www: https://hortexhorgerateholdingsa.com/
  2. Hortex Company, Mszczonowska 2, 00-001, Warszawa Poland, e-mail: hortexcompany@bartender.net, tel. +48732100165

are not in any way related to Hortex Sp. z o.o. and they are not seated at Mszczonowska 2 in Warsaw, Poland. The aforementioned entities use our Company’s name, address and registered HORTEX trademark in an unauthorized manner. We recommend caution when receiving documents or information from these entities.